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On June 4th 2019, Major Generals from the National Guard, representing each of the 50 states, came to Flathead Lake Lodge as part of a national conference. Hosted by Major General Matthew T. Quinn of the Montana National Guard, these Generals and family members, more than a hundred in all, were treated to a Lodge tradition of an outdoor “Steak Fry” dinner.

Prior to their meal, the group chose to Honor the Four Americans killed in the terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya on September 11th 2012, by paying their respect at the Benghazi Monument site. In single file formation, each General along with their guests made their way up to view the Memorial. Needless to say, this was a great honor for our Foundation to have them view the monument.

Doug and Bill were humbled as they watched these great American Soldiers pay tribute to the Four Fallen.