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Heroes and Horses is a non-profit, Montana-based organization that helps combat veterans recover from physical and psychological war wounds through their healing program that combines horsemanship, ranch work and backcountry survival techniques. This intensive, 40-day program teaches veterans countless skills and puts them to the test in the rugged Beartooth Mountains. Upon graduating from the program, participants are provided temporary internships and job placements to continue to build on the abilities they have acquired and keep them moving toward a positive and meaningful future.

Heroes and Horses is in need of essential equipment to care for their team of horses and the money we raise through your generous donations will help them achieve this goal.


The Paladin Conservancy is an organization founded to immerse the community and younger generations in all aspects of a working Montana ranch.  Visitors get real life experience as they take part in raising livestock, construction and building, planting crops, alternative energy, hydroponic production, cowboy culture and much more. This farm experience teaches hands-on life skills while preserving the time-honored and essential ranching tradition for future generations.

Donations raised for the Paladin Conservancy will help restore a barn on the property that was built in 1905 to bring it back to its former glory so it can be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come.


Some of the past recipients of the money we have raised are: Child Bridge of Montana, a group dedicated to finding forever homes for children in foster care; DeliverFund, an organization working to end human trafficking; an event honoring First Responders in the Flathead Valley; K9 Care Montana, a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to veterans, first responders and autistic children. These are just some of the vital, valuable organizations that the 9/11 Honor and Serve Foundation donate time and resources to.