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PLAN BEE – The latest dedicated effort by Sgt. Chuck Lewis, USMC, to help wounded and disabled military veterans.

Sgt. Lewis explained to us that Plan A began in 2013 with a walk across America to raise awareness and money for programs that provide support for health issues of our military service members. “This inspiration came after presenting a flag to the widow of a young Marine. This 4 year Marine, with one tour in Afghanistan, committed suicide within the same Month he separated from the Corps in June of 2012.”

Sgt. Lewis’ walk across the country started in Everett Washington and ended 5 months and 26 days later at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. To learn more of Sgt. Lewis’ story follow these links:


We’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Sgt. Lewis over the last few years. Some may think he can be somewhat unassuming because he likes to stay behind the scenes. We are not fooled; Sgt. Lewis is a man of passion and purpose. After Plan A was completed, he rested just a bit. Determined that there was still more to be done, is when PLAN BEE took shape.

Join us on September 11, 2019 to learn more about Sgt. Lewis and PLAN BEE. How he, along with his other volunteers, are using honey bees and the art of bee keeping to continue an effort of service to his fellow military veterans.

Per Sgt. Lewis, “PLAN BEE is my latest attempt at supporting our wounded and disabled military veterans here in North West Montana. Plan Bee provides an educational and hands-on approach to Honey Bee Keeping. At the end, Veterans will not only take home a better understanding of the Honey Bee, but also their own Bee Hive and Colony of Bees!”

You can also follow Sgt. Lewis’ program on Facebook by searching PLAN BEE – lots of interesting information about his program and Bee Keeping – truly fascinating. We look forward to you joining us on September 11th in Montana where we will remember and honor the fallen and recognize the power of healing through service to our communities.

I didn't realize how much of an impact bees have on agriculture, or more specifically, on our food supply... I've also enjoyed learning a skill/hobby that helps take my mind off of the challenges of PTSD.

Chad PaulPlan Bee Veteran

I joined Plan Bee because my grandfather and I both interested in bees and we wanted to have a hobby together. We've made many great connections with other vets that have the same interests.

Nicholas CourvillePlan Bee Veteran