In November of 2014, just two months after our dedication of the Benghazi Monument, some out of town visitors came to the Lodge asking to see the monument site. To our surprise the visitors were John Tiegen, Chris Paronto and Mark Geist, three members of the CIA’s Annex Security Team stationed in Benghazi that survived the attack on Sept 11, 2012. Co-authors of the book, “13 HOURS, THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI”, it was an honor for all of us involved in the 9-11 Honor and Serve project to have them visit and provided a great photo at the monument.

We were humbled, when John Tiegen penned a letter to be read at our 2016 9-11 Memorial Event. We hope you will be moved by what you read, and inspired to keep the events of that day at the forefront of remembrance. We honor their sacrifice, and that of those who perished on that tragic day. Together we ensure they will never pass into history as forgotten.